AquaModel contains flow models and site data to be modeled.



EASy is the GIS program that simulates the sites, integrating high quality imagery and analytical tools.


Increased Simulation Speed

Three dimensional flow model simulations by their nature can take a long time to run. For a complete analysis of a proposed site, a simulation of a period as long as one year may be required, because the response of the benthic community to organic loading is slow, and because seasonal changes in farm operations and environmental conditions may be significant.

The speed at which AquaModel simulations run depends on the time step of the calculations and the resolution of the 3-dimensional, computational grid.

Also, to facilitate more rapid results for investigational studies, AquaModel now runs in three modes:

Generally a 1 month simulation for both dissolved and particulate wastes requires about 1 hour on a modern PC. A simulation of 1 year will therefore take about 12 hours. On the other hand, 1 year simulations of dissolved wastes alone or particulate wastes alone require about half of this time. During this study, speed has been increased by a factor of six. We acknowledge that the new computations for dissolved and particulate wastes alone are still time consuming. We have studied this problem and believe that we can make significant additional improvements as we continue to improve the model.

Increased Replay Capability

The AquaModel simulation replay capability has been improved so that the user can now skip forward or backward to display results at any specified simulation time.

Prior versions provided for capturing and replaying of simulation results but the replay was restricted to a sequential display of simulation results starting at the beginning of the simulated period. This replay mode progressed about six times faster than the original simulation, but it still took a significant period of time to progress to the end of long simulation run. 

Using the new simulation replay capability the user can immediately skip to the end or to any other point of the simulation period and play the simulation forward or backward from that point. Users can also adjust the simulation replay time step. 

These features allow the user to more easily investigate the dynamic nature of the environmental impact such as seasonal changes, on mariculture farms.